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I'm Stumped, Help, Someone, Please???
I am currently working on the first sleeve of a jacket, in a Gedifra Pattern Magazine. All has gone well, so far. The sleeve has a box pleat at the bottom to just above the elbow. I understand the instructions, BUT don't know how to 'execute' this. Ugh. The yarn is a boucle, and a real bbbbbb-bear to 'tink.' The pattern reads:

" When work measures 20 cm work a box pleat as foll: work 20 in pattern (which is a reverse stockinet stitch),then for the right half of pleat slip 6 sts. of the following 12 sts. onto a double-pointed needle twice, fold 2nd of the dpn to the right behind the first needle, then hold the 2 dpn in front of the following 6 sts. of LH needle (this is where I am right now) AND P1 off all 3 needles together". I understand what it says but HOW do I P three needles all at the same time - from the front to the back - back to the front, it says together so am really confused. The second part of the pleat is the same, leaving a total of 52 sts. in which to continue with the sleeve.

Any suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated. I am afraid to just 'wing' it because of the nature of this beastly-type yarn. It is almost impossible to tink....

Thank you to anyone a bunch.
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