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Jackie: You're welcome-glad she decided to order too, I was wondering when I hadnt heard from you. You do realize that the yarn is wool? The granny square is to be used as a trivit, to put hot dishes on your table when you sit down to eat so you dont ruin the finish on your table. I used cotton so it would withstand heat and your humidity. As for the simply love socks I knit 2.5 repeats on the foot and then did a short row heel and then knit 1.5 repeats for the leg so I only have 1 full leg repeat b/c I don't like tall socks, & wanted to do at least 1.5" of ribbing, & I only did a k2p2 for that.

Silegose: I would like to know how to pronounce your name since I too thought it was clever spelling for silly goose-sorry.

Gina: I hadn't commented on your brace, I think it looks like jewlery & wouldn't be surprised if the 'kids' these days didn't wear something similar soon. How's it work when you knit? ok? Sorry I wasn't on when you had your heel question~Dh tends to camp out on the computer when he's home unless he's in the garage. What'd you end up doing? I can't wait to see pics.

Steve, the socks look great! Not very often we see handknit socks on a man's leg-pretty cool.

Lieke & The.Knitter: glad y'all are able to trade-gotta love KH members.

Tami: glad the donut fiasco is over, wondered where you'd been but glad to see you've kept busy knitting. Love the slippers. I need to make my FT felted clogs-my store bought slippers are about ready to fall apart, and Walmart has gotten rid of their slippers for this season-darn guess I have to break down and make some.

Jenny: I'm guessing ms. Emily is still tucked away nice and cozy like? How are you feeling? Have you knit anymore baby items?

Lisa did y'all watch the race yesterday? I needed some 'me' time and went shopping while it was on, ok just the last 1/2 of it I missed. But I got some stemless wineglasses at cost plus and some new clogs-my old ones I bought in Jan of 2000 and they're all used up. Whatcha knitting on?

Dustina: Do you have a link to the cw shawl? I cannot remember what it looks like or what yarn you're using and needle size. You're almost 1/2 way done, that's got to be a good feeling. I want to do some lacework too-Mom's got her eye on another vest-sigh. I still wanna make my afghan and a sweater for me too-but really enjoy doing socks. woo hoo for couches! I don't like futons either, that's what my brother has as his bed-not very comfy if you ask me. I was thinking about getting a papasan chair when I don't need my rocker anymore...anyone have any $.02 worth about that? I'm curious if they're as comfy as they look. The last time I sat in one I was about 10, so I don't remember.

Dotty: so glad you didn't have any leaks with your roof-that's always a concern and rain's the best test for it-well maybe snow/ice. Did you have pancakes this am? I was thinking maybe for Mike's therapy you could have him read to you, or does he already? Just a thought that would excercise his brain and help his language skills. Now what socks are you gonna start on?

Carla: you there? I have another qotd: do you have sock blockers for your socks, if so what kids, or did you make some yourself? Do you mind?
I don't have any sock blockers, but want some, I may try my hand at making my own out of those flexible cutting boards; well see.
I'm part of the Borders members book store and they emailed me a 40% off cupon to use today and tomorrow as long as the book is $20 or more, if any one wants the email forwarded to them just pm me your email addy. It's free to be a member. I think I'm gonna get the new pathways for sock knitters by cat bordi. I have the cuff & leg done on dh's sock, I think the leg is done, maybe a few more rounds-I'll have to count #1 b/c I lost my notes (dreaded thought isn't it?).
wow, that's a long post.
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