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Presidential Race Question
I have a question about the presidential race and all the primaries and caucuses. From what I understand, each state has a certain number of delegates. When we have a primary/caucus, we decide on who those delegates are to vote for when the D/R convention comes up. Am I correct so far?

Say your state voted for a candidate and they drop out. What do those delegates do? Do they vote for #2 or are they just out of luck and don't vote or do they vote for the candidate even though they aren't running anymore? Are they really people that are "delegates" and do they HAVE to vote for who the state told them? (Okay, I'm going back to the 2002 presidential vote again.)

I'm just curious. It's really the first time that the primaries have mattered much in a long time so it's interesting to finally learn what they are all about.

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