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I guess I'm in on this by accident.
I've got it started but I don't know how fast I'll be doing it. I mainly started it to practice for a double knit hat I just finished.
For all I know the yarn might be too big, Lion Wool on #4/#3 so it may never get finished.

Holding the yarn is also giving me problems. Continental with the inside sock and English with the outside sock is slow and confusing.
On the double knit hat I was keeping both yarns together and it didn't stick together (except for the color changes naturally) so I think once I get some length I'm going to go to a 1 hand/2 finger hold dragging both strands forward and back together.
Either that or I'm going to have to try k1 s1 then k-the-other-1 s-the-other-1.
All I know is 2 hands isn't giving me joy.

I did the cheat cast on the page lists. I liked it so much that's what I used for my hat ... and the 2nd time I redid the sock ... and the 3rd time too.
(First time knitted the cast on together, second time didn't trust that they weren't stuck together. I smell 2 more restarts in my future when I try the different ways )

I also used the same colors.

I think I'm only 2 or 3 rows into it because I've got other stuff I want to do or want to get out of the way before I get two floppy skeins (one thing is to make a knitting bag to hold 2 skein projects).
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