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Working the Gusset
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You took me away from my sweater to mess with the socks again.
I tried 2 strands, 1 hand, 2 fingers. It worked better this time but I ended up using my thumb often to hold the front yarn.
That made holding the needles a little difficult but I at least got a rhythm swinging the yarn.

I didn't have a problem keeping them separate when doing the hat even when I got down to 12 stitches and I couldn't use 2 fingers any more, but that was 2 different colors. I guess the hat was practice for the socks.
I saw one of those thimbles but I figure I can make something like that if I figure out how to steer the yarn around with one finger.

I figured out before trying it why the strands can't stay together all the time. If the backside gets knitted after the front strand gets there it's crossed over and locked in with the stitch.
So that's one restart I don't have to do. Now that I'm thinking about it, missing that part of the instructions was the cause of one of my restarts.

I also tried the k1 s1 p1 s1. It worked but it wasn't fun or any less confusing. At least I only had to do 1 needle's worth.

I had a bridge that I fixed with a crochet hook. For not getting very far I at least feel like I accomplished something.

This is my progress.
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