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HI Abbilly: Thankx for the offer! I am working on the right sandal (looks like an old fashioned Mary Jane). I have 25 rows of garter stitch, which have formed the basic shoe(two sides, and a little bit of toe). It will be joined on the bottom or under side of the foot and at the heel. The problem I am having trouble with is the "instep". That part of the shoe that comes up from the top of the toe (kind of like a tongue) and is joined with a strap over at the top. So here is the part that gives me fits. I can do the toe(instep )piece, but when I get to the end I have too many stitches left on my kneedle.
From the basic 25 rows (64 stitches on the needel) the instep reads like this:
K36, skpo, turn
sl 1, p8, p2tog, turn
sl 1, k8, skpo, turn
Repeat these two for seven more times
Then work first of the two again: (sl 1, p8, p2tog, turn)
Next row is Sl1 k to end
K17,k2tog, p8 skpo, k1 (total 44 stitches)

It seems to me that: if I start with 64 stitches, I should have reduced down a total of 17 stitches to 47 stitches. But the pattern says I will have reduced down 20 stitches to a total of 44. I always end up with too many stitches still on my needle.

Thanks for taking the time to help--
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