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Ohh Abbily--what a clever gal you are!!! I just printed out your carefully calculated rows, and I learned something wonderful. (You really are never too old to learn). I learned to break the information down as you did,print it out. Do you know what happen? I'll bet you knew all along--the mistakes are so easy to see.

I have just knitted the first set of 2, and have to set my beloved knitting aside for a few hours--but, I will tell you the first mistake I found! There may be others--but, the failure to sl some stitches combined with the big whopper made the extra stitches.

Shall I tell you what it was? You will laugh! I was counting the first set as set #1, thenwhen I started the series of "7 more". My next set was #2. The effect was to short me one set. Because, I am working on small #2.5. needles, it is difficult for me to count. I was marking down each row with a pencil/paper--but, my mind was doing something else!! Ok, I will tell you how it comes out tonight. Have a great day and thank you so much for the new way of seeing/doing.
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