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Er, what type of yarn would we use then? My LYS has a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is just from local knitters/spinners/dyers. I don't know how many specific brands they have, but I will try.

If Bulky weight is too fat, and DK weight is too thin, would Aran/Medium weight work? Just asking, because I don't have a lot of experience working with yarn that a certain pattern calls for. I use the same needle size and same yarn weight, but if I have some extra Bulky weight lurking around and I want to knit a ___________, then I will use that Bulky weight stuff. I usually just use what yarn I have around because I can't drive myself over to my LYS and buy what I need, so my choices are limited. I have a lot of pretty medium weight stuff, so just let me know, Artlady! Thanks!

Ok, more rambling. Will 100% merino wool work? Or what about other stuff? What would work the best? Thank you!
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