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Yes, yarn that is called Aran/Medium weight is good. "Rowan Calmer" (that the pattern designer used) is classified Aran/Medium weight.

Yes, 100% merino wool will work...but if the yarn doesn't have a label on it to tell you what its gauge (fatness/thinnesss) is... knit a gauge swatch to test it.

Does your 100% merino wool have a label on it? Merino wool comes in different weights (fatness/thinness). Lace weight, dk weight, aran weight, even bulky weight.
Gauge swatch> Step #1:
Knit your gauge swatch, measure, and get back to me with the measurement. If it's a perfect 4"...we're in business and you can use that yarn with that needle size. If it is more than 4", or less than 4"...I will tell you what to do about it in our next gauge swatch lesson.

To make a gauge swatch:
Cast on 22 stitches. Work back and forth for 4" like this:
Row 1: K across the entire row
Row 2: K1, Purl 20, K1.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 for 4" in length. Don't count the stitches on your needle. Cast off on the next row.

When you are done, measure the middle 20 stitches.
Don't count the end stitches (they are called "edge stitches")
Measure inbetween the edge stitches.

For our Tempting II, our 20 middle stitches should measure 4".

NOTE: the reason that "gauge" is so important with sweater knitting is so that the sweater will fit you! If gauge is OFF, then the sweater will end up being too tight, or too loose!
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