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Originally Posted by knittingymnast View Post
WAIT WAIT WAIT! I still haven't got the yarn yet! I need a trip to my LYS to get some yarn. Grrrrr. The only possible time would be like, Friday. Your going to have to hold off for a few days Artlady. Well, actually, I have some blue stuff. Lemme get that.
No problem, KG! I don't have the yarn either. I thought you wanted to try your 100% merino!

There' s no rush! Let's take our time and consider all of our yarn options.

But when you do get your yarn, or want to try a yarn that you already have...then you will do Gauge Swatch Step #1!

I still hafta find a yarn, too!

I also realize that you have school, and maybe a whole bunch of other activities you participate in, and you probably help your mom around the house with a few chores! So, whatever you can devote to our KAL is okay by me!

We'll have our Tempting II done by the time the snow is gone, and the sun is here!!!


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