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Check out my new sock blockers!
Hey everyone! Check out my sock blockers... haha! lol This picture contains $.40 worth of sock blockers - not bad, eh?

Cheap, quick, easy, and works like a charm!

And I hate to admit it, but even blocking washable socks makes them look so much better! Arrrgh! I used to haaaate swatching and I never did it, because I thought it was a waste. Turns out that it's the best idea ever. And I used to never block properly becaue I thought it was a waste. Turns out it's another of the best ideas ever. I guess washable socks was the final frontier. I thought it woudn't make a difference, and it's possible that it doesn't make a huge difference once it's on your foot. But even my pretty socks looked like crap when they weren't feet... no longer! Post-blocking, these lacy socks look open and lovely :D

So get yourself a $1 package of plastic coated wire hangers and get to blockin' - you'll LOVE yourself for it!

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