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Oh Dear I did it again!
I swore a week or so ago to NOT try another hat with that darn Provisional CO that used a crocheted chain with waste yarn.

So...I found this new hat picture I loved. Bought the pattern and downloaded it. It says to do a BASIC WRAP CO...and then mentions a turning row! YIKEs. this sounds like the nightmare I just swore I wouldn't do again...LOL!

I have the knittinghelp CD. I have books. None specifically call any of those CO's a "BASIC WRAP CO". SOOOOOOOO?

DO I do the provisional CO as described on this web site (CD) or *shudder* try that blasted crocheted chain CO that I hated? Or is there another option? The pattern also suggests using a smaller (size 2 or 4) straight needle in order to get a tighter neater edge. I can't hardly see what I am doing as it is...going smaller is going to be painful.

Perhaps this will help as far as picking up the CO....but I still need to know what a BASIC WRAP CO is.
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