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Originally Posted by Ilove2knit View Post
What type of yarn would you recommend? .....I want to make a good yarn choice so I can wear it! Summers are very hot and humid where I live.
Hi Love!

Well, the model sweater is knit out of Rowan's "Calmer"...a cotton blend with a bit of stretchiness to it. I noticed that one of my favorite Ebay yarn shops has some Calmer on sale!!! Wheee! In a light limey green called SOUR, and in a peachy color called TANGERINE!
Somebody better go over and grab up that SOUR. There are only 10 sk left and it is eatin' at me somethin' fierce! I love the color!!!

"Calmer" is typically about $10-$12 per skein! But Yarnbow is offering these two for just $6.25 per skein! A real savings! She is a good Ebayer, BTW. I have purchased from her numerous times.

Whatever YARN you decide on, the yarn label has to say the gauge of the yarn is 18-20 st per 4" in st. st.

If you have "unknown" yarn in your Stash, and want to FIND OUT what the weight is, just cast on 22 stitches with a US8 needle, and work st st back and forth for about 4".

Then measure the width of the middle 20 st. If it measures 4", you have an aran weight that will work for Tempting II.

And you probably know how to change needle sizes up or down to re-swatch if your swatch was too wide or too narrow for those middle 20st, right?

Some yarns can be tweaked by needle size to conform to the gauge required by the pattern. But, you can't go up in size too far to make a lightweight yarn work. The st st would be loosey-goosey and hole-y looking.

Conversely, if you go down in needle size for a bulky-ish yarn, the st st will look too thick, and feel like a placemat. That doesn't work either.

No, you can only tweak a yarn and its gauge a needle size or two up or down.

I have been having gauge issues lately. Trying to find a pattern for a yarn I have my heart set on...and to make things even more interesting, the yarn is variegated, and thereby limiting my pattern choices even more!
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