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Any Metal Detector Fans out there?
My DH has been pestering me to get him a metal detector for quite a long time and I've kept putting it off because, well, basically I think it's silly so I forgot about it.

Hey, I'm a girl and I'm human.

So he brought it up again today and his birthday is at the end of May so I thought I'd better start looking into it seriously this time. Does anyone know where you start when it comes to researching a metal detector?? I have absolutely no clue about anything with these contraptions! I don't want to get screwed out of a few hundred dollars on something that's a piece of crap. So I turn once again to my fellow knitters who know pretty much everything about everything!

This is going to be used strictly for 'play' for him, but something that will work 95% of the time. Is that asking too much?? Oh, and I don't want to spend $1,000 on one either.

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