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Madeline, you're going to love knitting flat with the Options. I, too, detest straight needles. I have a pair of Crystal Palace 10" #8 that I use for the "Squares of Many Colors" project but that's it for me when it comes to straights. The rest of my straight needles are stuck in a drawer somewhere and I'll probably end up donating them to the local nursing home.

I'll never regret buying the Harmony's. It was a great investment as far as I'm concerned.

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OTN: Freestyle afghan, cable afghan, scarf (for me!), entrelac scarf for Mumsy and Doll Bag for DS.

FO: 15 preemie hats, 4 blankets (for HAIN), lap blanket, 4 - 12" squares for the Squares of Many Colors project.
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