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I am very new to knitting so please take this with a grain (truck load) of salt and those that thave a great deal of experience can tell me why this is wrong.

I am knitting kilt hose using two circular needles. My purls were always loose and there were ladders every time I went from knit to purl. One time, I think by mistake, I did an underhand "purl" and no more ladders and if anything the "purl" was tighter than the knit. I do an underhand "purl" (my name, I don't know the proper name) by bringing the yarn to the front, go into the next stitch in front, from right to left and then pass the yarn under the right needle (in stead of over the needle) and pull the stitch through.
This stitch looks like to a purl to me and pull the stitches together like a purl stitch. Ribbing look like and acts like a normal purl stitch.

As a newbie to knitting I pass this along as much to get comments from those with more experience and to offer help.

Thanks for any replies.

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