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Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
Have you updated the Baby Blanket website? I really like to look at it to keep up.I know that you are very busy right now with Easter preparations for Church. If you need help keeping that web page updated, I wouldn't mind one bit.
Thank you for offering! I haven't even begun that website yet (BAD Shandeh!!!) , but I plan on making it this week. If I see that I don't have time, I'll get in touch with you.
Originally Posted by kellyh57 View Post
OOOHHH, Ocean Blues for me! (I've got three boys, what do you expect!) I do have some blue yarn that would work wonderfully too.
Sure thing!
Originally Posted by jhelanee View Post
Can I be added to the Easter Bonnet and Ocean Blues blankets?
You got it!

Our "Ocean Blues" blanket is a HIT! It is full of knitters now.

I still need two more knitters for "Easter Bonnet", and three more knitters for "Pink Princess" and "Forest Greens".

By the way, I finished the beginning of "Racecar Alley"!
I had to use some sportweight yarn that was not as soft as normal, so that I could make some cool racing stripes!

I'll send some of this yarn along with the blanket, so the other knitters can add stripes to accent the blanket throughout.

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