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need to vent
ok, so i totally just need to let a load off my shoulder even though i know its somewhat selfish and i am being somewhat ungrateful.

So im only 19 for those of you who dont know, and im a full time college student, just to paint a basic picture

I used to have a decent cavalier in high school, it was ten years old, my biggest problem with it was i didnt have ac, but other then that i loved the car.
The cavy died back in october i think, and since i needed a car and we didnt really have any other option, i inherited my moms vibe. Now i know im really lucky to have such a nice car, being only four years old an all, but im just really frusterated with it. there are three main problems.

first, the car doesnt feel right to me, as weird as that sounds? I feel like a 40 year old driving to the grocery store in a wagon, and off to pick up the kids after school...(no offense to those of that maturity :P) I simply wanted to feel young and 19 in a fun little car like i did in my cavy. I just doesnt fit "me."

second, i live in an area where everyone is spoiled. I see porsches, mercedes, audis, and all sorts of nice cars in a daily basis driven by my peers. i am NOT saying i want/need such a luxery car, i simply wish i could have at least somewhat of a choice in my vehicle, seing as i have to be in it every day. I had no say in the vibe, and it would have been nice to have a small choice, even if it were between two cars.
third, i still see it as "moms" car. As a hand me down i dont think i will ever be able to call it mine. Its just always been "her" car and i will always see it that way, and i want it to feel like "mine"

i would be totally happy with a honda civic, even a somewhat older one, or something similar. I know my parents would NOT let me sell the vibe for something i feel more comfortable in, so there is no point in talking to them about it which really frusterates me. I know im being spoiled, and ungrateful its just that im super disappointed by the whole mess. I was so excited to inherit it, and now its a mess of problems and just hasnt settled with me very well :/
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