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Originally Posted by princess View Post
i would be totally happy with a honda civic, even a somewhat older one, or something similar. /
I think you're going to have to do what my kids will be doing, what my brothers and I did and what my parents did before me -- get a job, save your money and buy whatever car you want.

Like KnittingNat, I worked my way through college and grad school and would have been beyond thrilled to have someone give me a car -- any car at all. The thought of having been given two cars for my sole use by the age of 19 is beyond anything I ever dreamed.

I don't want to pound on you, I know you're just venting. Maybe you need to look at it from the perspective of the kids who don't have the luxury of any car at all at your age. Given the choice between the Vibe and using the bus or your feet, I bet the Vibe will look a little better to you.
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