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i do use the bus for school just to let you guys know. i need my car to get to work since its further and my parents dont want me on a public bus at near midnight...

that and i work, i pay bills, and i have conditions for everything my parents do "give" me. my school is very expensive, funds for scholarships are at an all time low, and living costs are very high where im from, there is no way i would be able to do it all on my own thats why my parents help out where they can. and no, my family isnt wealthy by any means, but we are comfortable enough that i get mere pennies in student loans.

and since you obviously missed it, i would be totally happy with an older car that i liked better, and older means CHEAPER. i guess saving them some money doesnt count for anything? but hey what do i know, im only 19 right?
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