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what fishing & knitting have in common...
...apparently the need to organize!

I was looking at reviews about knitting tools on Knitter's Review and came across an article on there about using soft tackle binder bags to organize circular needles:

So I went to the Pro Bass Website and found the link to all the soft tackle bags they offer. So many of them would make fantastic knitting/crafts tool/accessory organizers!

These ones seemed to have the most potential..

Bass Pro Shop Brand:
-Finesse Binder Bag
-Spinnerbait Binder
-Tackle Binder

Browing Brand:
- Fishing Binder
- Fishing Worm Binders
- Fishing Spinnerbait Binders

Anyone using a soft tackle bag to organize their tools?

If I do end up buying the Options interchangeable circular needle set I think these would organize all the bits very well.
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