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I need to vent a little
I'm 43 I have 4 kids 15-6 and a husband.....I love my kids with all my heart and they are really good kids, but they are kids.....I have been married for 17 yrs this Aug and I'm so sorry I ever married this man....he will do nothing I MEAN NOTHING, but pay the housework , no rtake the kids out to do something with them I have to be there...well I have just started back to work because I was a stay at home amazes me how some men don't realize how you give of your self to take care of the home and the children ...They think that the are better because they pay the wrong...I read the thread were the lady was talking about have just a few days to her self.....I need that but it's not know since I have started this job my husband gets home before me but will not make dinner. will not clean, will only wash his clothes forget anyone else ...he tells my oldest which is my 15 yr old son who could not boil a cup of water to fix something. .....I try to make crock pot meals and all he has to do is turn it on and let it warm put the food on a plate........but will he oh the h*$@ do we stay together I hear you say.......It is only for my kids.......I do not make enough to support them on my own......Now we don't fight basically I just act like he is not here...and I do things with my kids..but I need a break....thanks to all who listen
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