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to you ! Hopefully you can work through this with your kids. I haven't been married 2 yrs yet and in that short period of time I have learned marriage is hard and sucks at times. My parents made it look sooo easy. The hubby was an only child who did NOTHING for himself so he really doesn't get why I want dishes done before I go to bed and want bathrooms etc sccrubbed every weekend. Most of the time if I point things out he does help, but there are times he acts more like a child and can't clean the shower b/c then he wouldn't have time to play with whatever. Sometimes I have to tell him - we can't do activity A until you do your chores. I am hoping I get him trained good before we have children : ) Part of the reason we got 2 dogs - turns out he is very good at cleaning up vomit and diaharea in the middle of the night !!
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