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Originally Posted by happyfingers View Post
Youre right I said that part about my 15yr because he can do but will try not to...he does do the dishes and cleans the kitchen that's his chore ...It's just that I have to get onto him about it so much......I have taught the children to clean up after their selves there rooms , take out trash. even wash a load of clothes or two,'s just that it's a battle to have to tell them over and over...that's why I said their kids I know it's normal...I just needed to blow some steam....and every one who replied seems to understand again thanks

Here's an idea that I used to use (and I probably will go back to...

I put all of the chores on a spreadsheet (that's the computer techie coming out to play!).

I divided them up into weekly and daily chores. These went down the left side of the page. Across the top, I had the days of the week.

The kids have to initial beside each chore as it gets done.

I can tell, at a quick glance, what has not been done, and they do not get to do what they want until everything is done. No more nagging...they know what is expected of them and the consequences.

Kids have to learn that this is the way the working world operates. Everyone has their responsibilities, and if you don't do them, there are natural consequences.

Unfortunately, you have to head up the effort in your house since your dh is not setting a good example.

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