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Cool. So I think I know who the "man on the boat" is that Ben keeps talking about. Scroll down if you wanna see

I think its Micheal! I mean Locke saw Walt right? So that;s what I think.

And what is UP with 3.2 million dollars? Why not 2 million? THat's so susipcious.

And the last survivor that's going to be part of the "six" famous survivors? I think it;s gonna be Locke. Remember when Jack read in the paper that one of them died? And no one came to the funeral? I think it;s Locke. That means Chen doesn't get off the island. She;s gonna die????? Juliette is gonna stay cuz she's a doctor too right so she has to get stuck. And then Dan Faraday(I love that actor) I think he's a good guy but I soooooo want to hear his back story.

OK I'll stop now. Can't wait till the next show!!!!!!
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