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More Kids Say the Darndest Things...
We have a 7.5 year old precocious grandson who we don't get to see real often. We have a deal with him that when he makes straight A's we take him out for the day. Well he has had 3 straight A report cards and between my surgery and he and his parents busy schedules, circumstances have prevented us from taking him out until today.

We decided to treat him to a day at Incredible Pizza Company which is a pretty cool place to go. We spent five hours of fun, came home pooped (the grandparents not the grandkid!) and told him that sometime during the summer maybe after he and his parents were back from their summer vacation we would take him there again. I had thought my dd had said something about going to Atlanta but....

He informed us that he and his parents were going to Costa Rica because his parents wanted to take him to a beach in a foreign country. He then proceeds to tell us that mom has lost his birth certificate so he doesn't know how he is going to get his passport but he has already had his hepatitis B shot, but still has to get his shot for Typo and Rabies!

My dh and I looked at each other and had to bite our lips to keep from cracking up.
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