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I crate trained all my dogs. I highly recommend it, and the only "tip" I have is to make sure that the crate "fits" the puppy. You don't want the crate too big, or the dog will do his business in the crate and then walk/roll through it. Ask me how I know! LOL The dog only needs enough room to lie down, stand up, turn around, and lie down again.
With my last pup, I kept her in the crate whenever I couldn't watch her. I didn't really give her an opportunity to have an accident in the house. I work from home, so a lot of times she was on her bed next to me on the floor. I used a leash to keep her from wandering around. She's a good dog and doesn't do anything in the house. She doesn't chew up anything or have accidents! We still have the crate though, but it's a little bigger now. She goes in when are leaving the house for extended periods of time. When we leave for just a couple hours, we let her stay out. She actually walks in the crate on her own sometimes!
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