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If your daughter is looking for a smaller supportive school look at - you'll see a LOT of good schools there in all areas of the country. I attended one of them (Wooster - I was almost 17 when I enrolled) and know and respect a number of others (Juniata or Allegheny for sciences, Kalamazoo for study abroad, Hope or Wheaton for more conservative values, Marlboro is more liberal, etc.). These are places which will take care of the students, while still letting them grow up. Note: These are NOT the place for a student who wants a big-school experience. You won't find it at any of these schools.

I work in higher education research, and spend a lot of time looking at other schools. Feel free to PM me with specific questions and I'll see what I can dig up. I can find just about anything. In my opinion, one of the key indicators of a GOOD school where students are happy with the education and the services is the Retention Rate, which is shown on most statistics-based resources. Anything over 85% is really good (keep in mind, some students flunk out). And listen to what everyone said about the campus visit - you can really get a feel for a campus through a visit/interview.
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