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Yes, My 8 y/0 daughter is adopted from Korea. She arrived in our family when she was 4 and 1/2 months old. Our agency was Holt International. They manage Chinese adoptions as well as adoptions from many other countries. Their website is They are a top notch agency and I highly recommend them. As the Holt's founded the concept of international adoption they have helped to set current standards for all international adoption agencies. Their goal is not just to get children adopted but to preserve family units where possible and see to it that all children have homes of their own. They follow high ethical standards and manage to work with the laws of numerous foreign countries.

Adoption is a wonderful experience. I would encourage you to look at other countries in addition to China. China may be the right place for you to adopt from but keep an open mind as your child may be somewhere you least expect. If there is no Holt Agency in your state they probably have a partner agency they work with. We had a very straight forward and wonderful experience with Holt. If we could I wouldn't hesitate to adopt again. You can usually order a packet of information from Holt or another agency. If you are really interested they first thing you do is take a pre-adopt class. This gives you lots of information about the process and the program. It's a rewarding experience to adopt. Our 13 y/o son is biological and he has always loved his sister. Siblings are siblings regardless of how they came to be that way.
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