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The first one was hilarious. The second one had my cat's hair up on her back and she is staring at the screen... that was too sad for words. Poor Burger!
it MIGHT be sad, but, it also might be similar to my dog!

My dog will growl, snap, and bite, and scream, when she's kept in a cage at the vet's. They have to put signs on her cage, she's so mean!

Peppy has a perfect life here, with us, gets to do whatever she wants, gets loving, petting, gets to sleep with us, has 3 of her own beds, too, she has toys, and gets to go to McDonald's with me, sometimes, just so she can have her very own hamburger.
So, Peppy isn't neglected or abused IN ANY WAY.
Leave her at the vet's, and she screams, yowls, bites, growls, and
snaps at every vet employee there. I even got griped at by a vet, she told me to discipline my dog more.
Chihuahuas can be very mean dogs, by nature, or, very submissive.
Peppy is not submissive.
So, I laughed when I saw Burger N Fries yowling. Reminded me of Peppy. Things aren't always what they seem to be.
Aren't cats kind of bad tempered to strangers, anyways?
Look at this video:

That cat is living in the lap of luxury, in her own home, and she still is hissing and growling.
Burger and Fries was probably very angry at being in a cage, with a bunch of strange dogs and cats around him, and strangers trying to pick him up, and (maybe) give him a shot. OW!
And,what's up with THIS cat??
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