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Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
Don't get me wrong, I am all for conserving whenever possible. I do quite a bit myself, but I do it because it's the right thing to do not because of hysteria over climate change which may or (more likely) may not be man made.

I think we can all do our bit to help preserve our little piece of space rock. We really shouldn't need such impending doom to do what's right.

I understand that many people buy into the whole man made climate change thing, and I can respect that. I've simply done enough reading on the subject to make me have some serious doubts about it.

Didn't mean any offense by my original remark. To be honest it was just me being a bit facetious as usual.

I'm support the idea of keeping our little planet clean and tidy.

I agree with you for the most part. I don't support awareness of climate change because of hysteria and I don't get wrapped up in hysteria either. I do my own research and form my own opinions based on what I research.

I am well aware the earth goes through cycles, but, I am also well aware of how much pollution has been caused by humans and, as I said, I find it very difficult to believe that throughout all we have done in the way of pollution, destroying forests, etc. it has not had any impact on the climate whatsoever.

Humans may not be the sole cause, but, I find it quite likely we are at least causing the acceleration of the changes in climate and not in a positive way.

I also believe a general awareness of the possibility that humans could be to blame, at least to an extent, does absolutely no harm and there's absolutely nothing negative that comes from taking precautions. I mean what's the worst that happens, your energy and gas bills go down?? lol

Anyway, my main point in posting this was for anyone who may not know about it and want to participate....maybe knit for an hour by candlelight or
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