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Originally Posted by feministmama View Post
On the birthday episode they said niether of thier parents are involved in their kids life. I wonder what's up with that? Thier parents don't approve of thier interracial marriage? They're dead? They're too old to travel? I wonder.......
My mom and I LOVE this show. We call each other and chat about it every week. She things my husband and I are like them. Nah. Not even close!

We also wonder what's up with the parents. I think Jon's parents are far away, but you'd think they'd at least visit. Maybe they just don't want to be on TV or don't approve of them doing the show. I'd love to know, but then again, if they don't want to talk about it, it's not really any of our business. I'm sure if we'd dig deep enough, someone somewhere has more information....

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