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Demonica, thank you for sharing that link.

I understand that there are differing levels of assessment about the degree of urgency, and about the full range of causes of Global Warming. As an active educator in environmental issues, I feel it is of primary importance to simply do what we can do to benefit the situation, however small or large those actions end up being in the end.

I personally do believe that human actions are the primary cause. I recently heard the NY State Wildlife Pathologist stating on the radio (paraphrasing as closely as I can recall) "The theory that man-made greenhouse gases are the primary cause of global warming is no longer contested in the scientific community. If a scientist states otherwise, you should seriously question their motives and take a close look at who is paying them to say that." I tend to agree with this.

To me, the positive thing about this perspective is that it means that our actions can make a difference. It's not about blaming ourselves or feeling guilty, but simply about spelling out clear goals for what to focus on. Now all we need is to put a bit more pressure on our law makers, so they actually get off their keisters (sp?) and take the positive action we all can agree is good for them to take.

Call it conservation or call it saving the planet, I'm glad to hear that we all agree that energy saving actions are a no-brainer! It's really what it boils down to, isn't it?

Thanks again for the link Demonica.
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