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Knit Picks metal DPNs.
I don't think fidgeting with pulling a long loop would be for me, I don't even like pushing the extra length of DPNs through.

I tried Boye DPNs (craptastic anodizing scratched up and made working with them difficult) and Susan Bates (very rounded tips, easy to get used to but impossible-hard to get into a tight decrease).

Knit Picks seems to have a solid plating, the nickel plating is very smooth and the sharp points are harder to get used to but work very well (I was just using my Options in a darkened room with no problem and I've only had the DPNs a week so it didn't take long for me to get used to the sharp points).

As you may have noticed, DPNs vs circular and metal vs wood are very personal choices.
Petroleum based knitter, removing that nasty oil from the ground one skein at a time.

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