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KH Name: anastaciaknits
Country: USA
Are you willing to send internationally?: I am, for a few people
Your age range: (such as: 20's, 30's, 90's): I am 32
Do you care what age range your pen pal is? not really - I care more for personality
Years knitting: I've been knitting since Christmas of 2002
Gender: female
Do you care what gender your pen pal is? yes, females only please
Children?: none
Pets?: one cat named Zorro
Allergy concerns: angora & most fruits

Just thought I'd mention a few other quick things about myself. I'm a Christian Pagan (sounds funny, but that's what I believe), & I work full time as a manager for a small retail chain. I knit & crochet. I'll usually type any letters I write, not handwrite them.
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