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I have the KP Harmony dpn sock needle set. I am in LOVE with it. I tried metal but the stitches slip off, I tried bamboo but the stitches did not move freely. I got the Harmony set and will never go back to another kind of needle. It's all in what you prefer. Each kind of needle has it's good and it's bad points. The only thing I found I didn't like about the Harmony's is that they are dark so you have to work in good lighting if you are working with dark yarn.

The Knitpicks Harmony sock needle set includes sizes US 0 or 2.00mm; US 1 or 2.25mm; US 1 or2.50mm; US 2 or 2.75mm; US 2 or 3.00mm; and US 3 or 3.25mm; and is only $34.99 plus tax and shipping! It all comes in a neat case to keep your needles organized. They are solid birch wood needles with a thick verathane coating so they glide easily but still have a bit of grip. They are nice and pointy so they slide in and out of stitches easily.

Good luck!
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