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This has been my experience and observation. There is good and bad at every college. Even the most strict religious institutes have their problems. I could tell you stories about the Christian College in my town that are absolutely shocking! I live in a college town. We have a junior college, 2 Christian colleges, and a state university. What I have observed is that people make choices. And those choices are based both on how they were raised, what they saw of their parents and how they percieve themselves. Many kids who go off to college are tasting freedom for the first time. Some can handle that freedom and make mature decisions. Others make poor decisions. There are drinkers and partiers at every college. It all depends on who you decide to make friends with.

You might find the best college with the lowest alcohol/drug incident rate and your daughter will still find the 1% that party or you may decide on a college that has lots to offer and your daughter will associate herself with people who are working hard to make good grades and gain something from their college experience other than a good party. If you have given your daughter some independence, taught her the values that are important to you and have good communication with your daughter you can only hope that she will make informed decisions as she faces the life before her.
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