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Originally Posted by Demonica View Post
Honestly, I believe that is what's really at the heart of things like "gas outs" as well. I think everyone knows one day of not buying gas isn't going to make much of an impact on the oil companies, however, it does send a powerful message: we are aware and we will take the necessary steps to reduce our consumption.

A lot of people get hung up on the thought that "gas outs" don't work because one day of not fueling up doesn't hurt the oil companies, but, the true symbolism is lost...When the e-mails start going out about gas outs, everyone is aware of the problem, and, even if only for a short while, the gas situation is at the forefront of our minds. People start using alternative methods of transportation and doing what they can to reduce their consumption of gas. In that respect, I don't find it futile. We cannot even attempt to change anything if we are unaware of the problem.

The whole thing about "gas outs" is that you aren't encouraged to change anything, just the day you get gas. It would be way more effective to encourage everyone to not drive for a day. Take public transportation, ride your bike, walk, etc. Can you imagine the interstates if that was the idea? I know many of us can't do that, but if you could it would be much more effective.

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