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No matter what, no matter what day you do it on, entropy exists. Can't change it, can't change the laws of thermodynamics, and we certainly haven't been able to change the ways of the people in some of the Third World countries. Some of them are better, most not, but over all they just don't care.

Amy, I respect you, and love this site, but my scientific friends say just the opposite. They would have us check out the motivations of those who are pushing the global warming frenzy. Some of the same people who were pushing the Y2K fiasco, politicians who trumpet their ability to cause progress in this area.

The first 'Earth Day' (as though every day isn't earth day) was in 1970. At that time, we were told by people with an hysterical edge to their voices that the earth was cooling rapidly, and there would be an ice age before we were fifty.

"All good things and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights who cannot change."
James 1:17
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