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Thanks from me and Charlie!

We have always had a Saint...Charlie is our 4th. We've had two ladies, and one other gentleman...over the past 37 years. I love a Saint, and when our beloved Harley collapsed and died unexpectedly in Octber, I was so lonesome. So was Katie, our Shih Tzu. For days and days after his death, whenever she went outside for potty...she sat outside his dog house.

Our two Treeing Walker Coonhounds loved him, too. They loved to cram themselves in his dog house to keep warm! When he was sleeping outside...they liked to sit on him to keep their hiney's warm!
Katie just climbed up on his side to nest down!

He will be missed!

But Charlie is our up-and-coming snuggle-bug! Everyone loves Charlie. Our male hound has finally decided Charlie is a KEEPER! We kept them separate until yesterday. Even so, we keep them separate unless we are there to watch over the goings-on. Don't want any accidental owies.

FYI: Charlie is just a couple inches shorter than the full grown hounds. Isn't that a hoot?!

Our female hound weighs 60#...the male is 85#. Charlie will no doubt be 225# at the rate he is going, and by seeing how large his parents are.
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