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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
I know there are lots of animals that need homes, but I don't really see an issue with these high priced cats. Both dogs and cats have been bred over many years with specific goals like to obtain a dog that is a keen hunter, or a cat with no hair. I don't think the Ashera is any different other than it's price, but I'm sure when the retriever was first bred successfully, it had a hefty price tag too. The Ashera just a new breed in the vast lexicon of dog and cat domestic breeds. And a quite stunning one at that.
The difference is the established breeds developed over many years and many generations. These dogs were bred for a specific purpose, not as "an accessory". The purpose of breeding a particular dog was ALWAYS TO BETTER THE BREED.

Nowadays, however, dogs and these designer cats are bred for one reason. The $$$$$. Code of Ethics breeders are few and far between, while puppy mills flourish. These designer cats are the same thing.

We are seeing, cancer, heart/breathing/orthopedic problems. Temperament/aggressiveness is also on the rise in ALL breeds.

All due to indiscriminate breeding.

Nope, I am vehemently 100% against designer cats, dogs, gold fish anything!

I wish folks who buy these animals would take all that money and donate it to rescues and shelters. And take in a few of the poor little guys who really need a loving home.


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