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Powder Puff is on the move!!! Knitgal, the tracking number is 0435 4810 0022 8663. For this one time only I sent it Express Post which means you will get it tomorrow. I wanted to get our project on the move because we area all so very excited about it.

I went to the store today and got another set of US 9's and a lovely ball of soft worsted weight yarn. The colours in it are brown and beige and pink. I think this will be a good start for Flower Garden, which will be the next blanket we knit.

Come on Canadian knitters, lets see your hearts!!!

P.S. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of our first blanket before it left my hands. Perhaps we can persuade Ms Knitgal to do that before she starts knitting on it!!! Please.....
I love to give homemade gifts... which one of my kids do you want?

Find our "Canadian Oddball Blanket KAL" on Ravelry as: OddballBlankets

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