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Something Fun
Do you crave thin mints so much that you canít wait for your doorbell to ring this time of year so you can stock up? Or do you prefer the pantry packed with trefoils shortbreads? The girl scout cookie you prefer reveals something about your personality.

Trefoils: You thrive under pressure. Shortbread lovers are self-confident, organized go-getters who are energized by stress; the no-frills crunch of Trefoils appeal to your assertive nature.

Thin Mints: Youíre easygoing. Those who favor bold flavors like mint are easygoing types. Youíre the one at home who doesnít feel the need to make waves, and the one your co-workers find the most agreeable.

Samoas : Youíre brainy. Fond of this comparatively ďcomplexĒ cookie with its many textures and flavors? Youíre smart and focused. And since you set high standards for yourself, people are impressed by whatever you do!

Do-Si-Dos: Youíre a kid at heart. Canít stop at just one of these wholesome oatmeal-and-peanut-butter combos? Youíre a little old-fashioned, with a big appreciation for lifeís simpler pleasures. Your home is a place where others always feel welcome.

Tagalongs: You have artistic flair. No matter what project your tackling, your creative streak always shines through. And you donít like to be distracted---lovers of this cookie can seem shy, but often, youíre just deep in thought!

What's your favorite dessert?

Mine is chewy chocolate brownies, with chocolate icing. Chocolate on chocolate. MMMM!

Also, in the favorite top ten, is:

Copeland's Bananas Foster


Lemon Meringue or icebox pie

Key Lime pie

Pecan pie (pronounced PEE KAN)

Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies, USED to LOVE Samoas, but,
they taste different this year. I heard GS took all trans fats out of their cookies....anywayz...

7 layer cookies or brownies, the dessert with sweetened
condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips, graham cracker
crust, etc...

cheesecake, although I haven't found any decent cheesecake in about
ten years~ have you?

apple dumplings with cinnamon sauce

and... one of my last resort desserts, if there's nothing else better, butter pecan ice cream
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