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This is fun! My turn

Good news:
Boyfriend will be working on Saturday so will be out of my hair all day!

Bad News:
He is dropping his car off to be inspected Friday night, so will have to take mine to work on Saturday, which means I won't be able to go to the yarn store.

Good News:
While he has my car, he will be getting the oil changed for me.

Bad News:
Bent down to tie my shoe this morning, and split my JEANS wide open.

Good News:
I finally got a tread mill a few months ago, and it works great.

Bad News:
I already broke my New Years Resolution to get into shape and haven't used the treadmill since January. Otherwise I probably would not have split my jeans open.

Good News:
I finally finished the baby blanket I was making for a friend.

Extremely Bad News:
We found out at work today, that one of our co-workers has terminal cancer and only has a few weeks left. I was just talking and laughing with her two weeks ago right before her doctor appointment. It is in her bones, liver and most other organs. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I can't believe she won't be back.

Good news, but not really:
She is going fast, and won't have to suffer long.

Wow.. sorry to put a damper on the good news/bad news game... I've been trying not to cry all day, and am starting to lose it.
I knit, therefore, I smile

Wish List
Another felted bag
Mrs. Beetons Wristwarmers

On The Needles:
Silver's Palindrome Scarf - in Patons SWS Natural Pink
Feather and Fan Shawl - in Estelle Cadenza
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