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Designer cats, designer dogs, designer handbags, designer sunglasses, designer shoes, designer clothing...all of these designer items serve the purpose just as well as regular cats, dogs, handbags, sunglasses, shoes and clothing, etc. A $79 handbag functions just as well as a $15,000 handbag! But "function" is not why someone purchases a $15,000 handbag.

This new Ashera is a fine cat, born and bred to be owned by the rich and famous. As are the other items I listed. IMHO, it's all ridiculous.

We love all cats and dogs. But, we prefer to own reasonably priced purebred dogs. We own a Shih Tzu, two Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and a St. Bernard puppy. We love them to pieces. We paid reasonable prices for them, and didn't buy from puppy mills or pet shops. We buy directly from the people own the momma AND the daddy. Papers or no papers, makes no difference to us.

But many folks wouldn't think of purchasing a purebred dog or cat. They prefer to rescue a mixed breed or purebred dog or cat. It's all about the rescuing! These are wonderful people!! There is a special place in heaven for them!

My cousin trains and raises Field Trial quality black labradors, and one pup can cost 4 figures on a normal basis. Not for its "designer" aspect! For the dame's Field Trial reputation. A 1 yr old trained lab can cost 5 figures easily!

Five or six figures for a dog or cat is pretty normal in some realms of society.
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