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Thanks everyone for your replies. I was hanging out with Mike today and we were discussing the deep subjects of religion and human nature, and then switched over to playing cards. I had my iPod and as we were playing cards and not talking much I was listening to music in one ear and he made a comment about "Oh no, its not country, is it!?" It wasn't, so I had him listen to the song (deemed "alright") and then asked him to please lay off a bit on making fun of the music I like, as I'm not forcing him to listen to it and I used to get made fun of for listening to it. I was careful to say it nicely and not insinuate that I felt he was being mean about it, just that I wished he wouldn't, and he was totally cool with it, he said "Oh here we were just talking about people being jerks like that and now here I am being a jerk!"

I got double points because tonight a whole bunch of us went out for dinner after church and while waiting for the bus, all of the NEW YORKER girls were singing country songs. Take that, city boy!
Then, to top off the night, my New Yorker friends were debating when the standard season for various vegetables to be ripe is, meaning that they were very impressed with my knowledge.
Oh, and for all of you from Iowa and other small towns, when I was in Alaska last summer, the island's doctor stopped by on his way to visit some friends (he had met my coworker so stopped to say hi to her). He asked me where I was from and I told him my hometown and where I go to school. He very cheerfully informed me he went to the school in the same town (turned out to be the same school) and that he had friends in a couple of the blink-and-you-miss-them towns in between there and my hometown!
Small WORLD!
Oh, and Kelly H. - my dad used to commute 45 minutes each way from where we live TO a smaller town, where he was in management at a factory. On the other hand, I remember being asked once where I live and answering with the name of my hometown, and that it was in eastern Iowa. the lady asked me if that was a suburb of Chicago or Dez Moin-es. I told her it was a suburb of the cornfields.
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