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Originally Posted by photolady View Post
Cute little puppy. A yorkie poodle mix?
What kind of temperament does that mix have?

outgoing, shy, aggressive, submissive, intelligent, average smart, what?
Like I said, I already have one (that has the same mom as this one) and he is absolutly the best little dog in the world. He is so smart and was really easy to paper train, he understands a lot of commands. They like to play but not too much. They are so lovable and love to cuddle. The bigger one sleeps right next to me all night. If someone new comes around they will bark at first but then they are very friendly. We take them everywhere with us (except in stores they arent allowed) and they just lay in your arms and look around. I would reccomend a yorkie-poo to anyone who wants a very loving small dog. Also their hair feels and looks like human hair and they are hypo allergenic.
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