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Silee: On close inspection, these actually DO look like little cables! I am at the heel flap now and I think that is enough for tonight. I am quite pleased with the results so far. This is a nice sock that has lots of stretch to it but still looks fancy and dressy. I am considering taking the pattern all the way down to the toes on the front of the sock. I will decide once I have the heel flap finished. I am going to use Silver's heel flap, heel and gusset though. It looks a lot easier then the one this pattern calls for.

Gina: I hope your hands feel better today and that you had a nice Easter.

Good morning Jackie and good night to the rest of you!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I can still smell the turkey here (yummy). Turkey sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!!! I will also be making up some turkey soup tomorrow. Why waste good food when you can make it up and freeze it. Then one day when I don't feel like cooking (perhaps because I am knitting all day long???) I will still have a good hearty meal to give DH when he gets home!
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