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Originally Posted by Momof4Greys View Post
I love the socks!!!! I haven't attempted socks yet, I think I'm afraid of them, I don't know why. I've made the felted clogs and they came out great so I will try the socks soon. I always start but the needles and yarn are so small and my hands feel like giants hands (which they aren't they're very small) but I feel like I'm all thumbs with all the needles. I wonder if this type (two at a time) on circulars would be easier for me. What do you think for my first socks?? I even have some patterns for this type of socks.

I have to say that Magic Loop takes just a bit of getting used to, but once you get your head wrapped around it, it goes quickly. One long needle is certainly easier to manage than four or five dpns.

I think that the key for you might be selecting a thicker yarn...maybe using worsted weight. Then, you'll use bigger needles and probably have an easier time of it.
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