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I'm a chronic depressive. I've self-harmed, had an eating disorder, two mental breakdowns and have attempted suicide. I am 28 years old and this started when I was about your age, well the worst of it anyway.

This doctor needs a good smack around the head. He is being prejudiced and is stereotyping you. I was told the same as you. That I was imagining my symptoms. Due to the bullying and physical attacks at school I am now permanantley disabled. My consultant told me that I should not be in as much pain as I was and sent me to see a psychiatrist.

These *ahem* people have M.D after there names and not G.O.D

You have a legal right to say that you want a second opinion and to decide your own medication and rehabilitation. They get paid to treat you...get your monies worth.

I do agree with only giving you a months supply as this reduces the risk of a potential overdose. But don't stop taking them altogether. If you do want to come off them you need to be weened off them. The side effects are really bad if you go cold turkey.

Good Luck.

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